Austrian attaché reveals cultural code

Simon Mraz, Cultural Attaché of the Austrian Embassy in Russia, visited Sakhalin State University.

Simon Mraz arrived in the island region on a cultural mission – he donated more than 200 books about his country to the Sakhalin Regional Universal Scientific Library from the Austrian Embassy and the National Austrian Library.

At a meeting with students and teachers of SSU, the Austrian diplomat told about his work at the embassy and the development of Russian-Austrian relations. Simon has been living in Russia for over 10 years, he is the curator and organizer of art projects, director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow.

- I believe that art and culture is a universal tool for studying any country, – the attaché states surely. – Through history, music and literature, we can find the same cultural code that will help you to know any country. But at the same time, you need to show special interest and, if I may say so, thirst for art”. This is what I wish for all the students I meet.

Simon Mraz said that he studied art history at the University of Vienna and the Pantheon-Sorbonne University, and after graduation he collaborated with the Austrian auction house «Dorotheum», including the head of its Russian department. Since 2009 – Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow, since 2011 – organizer of exhibitions in his own apartment in the house on the waterfront. 2013–2014 – Head and Coordinator of the Austrian Cultural Season in Russia.

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