A Tour in the Future

Two tours were organized for school students – participants of the Job of the Future” festival –in Technical Institute of Oil and Gas, Sakhalin State University.

Geology lab, where you can touch various minerals, rock samples and look at them under a microscope, became the starting point for acquaintance with future jobs. Ammonium, found during the students’ expedition, raised particular interest of school students.

Drilling lab was the next point. Under the leadership of Denis Novik, Head of the Laboratory, potential college applicants learnt about oil production process. Together with Denis Novik they launched the hole drilling process on the training imitator.

During the practice class, students were told about oil and gas industry in Sakhalin and majors, offered by Technical Institute of Oil and Gas.

In the force aggregator lab students got to know about the «Maintenance of Surface Transport» major, covering almost all kinds of transport except for aviation and railroad. Here students during the practice classes construct, dismantle and repair generators and other mechanisms. Apart from that, a lot was told about additional opportunities of such a job. For example, on the 2nd year students of the Institute receive the auto worker license and get a chance to additionally learn skills of operating an excavator, front-end loader and bulldozer in the evening time for obtaining the corresponding license. For classes special training devices, completely imitating the work process, are used. The final point of the tour was the chemistry lab.

– It was very interesting and enlightening for our students. They asked the laboratory heads a lot of questions, and I assume that they got interested in the oil and gas industry a lot. If it wasn’t for the festival, they wouldn’t have come here themselves. – Elena Teryokhina, head teacher from School №5, said.

The festival, uniting job of the present and future, gathered more than 200 school students from 8 grades of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. For two days they have been getting acquainted with the most prospective jobs of the region. Such a vocational event for middle school students is held for the first time. In total, 9 master-classes and 18 tours around the regional center’s plants are conducted within the festival.

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